Population Health

Hauora Māori Training is workforce development for the Māori health and disability workforce.  The workforce development is a partnership between the Ministry of Health, the health & disability sector and Māori stakeholders to facilitate the development of the non-regulated health & disability workforce. It delivers the following programmes:

  • Kia Ora Hauora (KOH) the ‘Māori Health as a Career Programme’, a national Māori health workforce development programme increases the number of Māori working in the health and disability sector.
  • Kia Ora Hauora engages with Māori students, current health workers, and community members seeking a career in health. It promotes health careers, both clinical and non-clinical. Also seen as an information hub that provides knowledge, tools and resources to help young people on a health career pathway.

Contact Details DDI: 07 579 5546 or email: Mau.Tane@bopdhb.govt.nz